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Auricular Prostheses

Auricular Prostheses

Nasal Prostheses

Nasal Prostheses

Orbital Prostheses

Orbital Prostheses

Somatic Prostheses

Somatic Prostheses


Facial Prosthetics

Nasal Prosthetics or Nose Prosthesis

Septal Prosthetics or Partial Nasal

Auricular Prosthetics or Ear Prosthesis

Orbital Prosthetics or Eye Prosthesis

Upper Facial Prosthetics or Cranial Prosthesis

Other Custom Medical Devices

Somatic Prosthesis

Finger Prosthesis

Partial Finger Prosthesis

Toe Prosthesis

Partial Foot Prosthesis

Nipple Prosthesis

Function and Restoration

A prosthesis is a medical device which
should be intelligently designedto maximize function and aesthetics. In this example, the cranial prosthesis protects the underlying anatomy and naturally blends into surrounding tissue.

Meet Our Team

Allison Vest


Ashley Homan

BSED in Health Science


Thank you so much for your professionalism, kindness, and expertise while making my prosthetic ear.  When I lost part of my ear to basal cell carcinoma, I was pretty devastated.  You made the process of restoring it very uncomplicated.  I love my new ear!  My family, staff, and friends are all amazed by how natural it looks.  I am too!  You and your staff are so professional, friendly and gifted.  The whole experience was very pleasant.  It fits great and is so comfortable that I can’t even tell that it’s on. It even works with my dental loupes which is amazing. Thanks again for all you did. Allison and her team are the best.  They created two prostheses for me; an ear and cartilage on the other side.  She is a Michelangelo when it comes to color and style.  The best of the best. I would recommend her to anyone and have done so.

Steve Woodruff, DDS

I’ve always taken pride in my appearance & have been complimented on my pretty hands throughout my life.  At 68, it was a crushing blow to my vanity to lose the tip of one my thumbs in a leaf blowing accident. I realize this may not be tragic to most, but to me, it was devastating and crippling. I refused to leave the house for any reason due to the shame and embarrassment experienced after the loss of my thumb. I felt as if I wasn’t a ‘whole person’ any longer. I was drowning in depression & became reclusive. My surgeon suggested a prosthetic thumb but omg, most were awful & didn’t look ‘real’.  Then, I found Allison Vest & her awesome team at Mosaic!! Viewing her work through pictorials, brought the first ray of hope I’d come across post trauma. Finally!  A tiny light at the end of the tunnel! From first contact with Ms. Vest & her staff through to completion of my prosthesis, the ‘wait’ was minimal & the quality of the prosthetic & service I received, beyond awesome. Words can’t express the gratitude or appreciation I have for their work. My family & friends & family report that “the old Teri’s back” & she IS indeed!!  People will say things like “Oh!! Show them your new thumb!! Now, which one is it?!” My point EXACTLY!! 👍🏻