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Auricular Prosthetic Testimonial

Get to know our clinic better with this video highlighting our customized services. Every prosthetic is designed with you in mind, from minute texture to complex coloring. Your prosthesis is specifically yours.

Meet Allison Vest, MS, CCA

Allison has been working in the field of anaplastology for almost two decades.
Her clinical approach prioritizes the patients needs and artistic realism.

Complex Case: Azeefa

Azeefa is a wonderful young woman from Pakistan who comes to us for a nasal prosthesis. An electrical accident has left Azeefa with burns and missing anatomy. This video gives you a glimpse into the process of designing
and fabricating a prosthesis.

Take a peek inside McKinney specialist Allison Vest’s world of Body Parts

The clinical anaplastologist has devoted her career to creating silicone prosthetics for people with missing or mangled body parts, anything from fingers to ears.

McKinney-based business owner to feature in TLC show creating realistic prosthetics.

Allison Vest, who owns Mosaic Prosthetics in McKinney, will feature in TLC’s newest show, “Body Parts,” which premieres on April 6.

Real-life Dr. Frankenstein talks about her job in TLC’s Body Parts

Reality TV’s newest star, Allison Vest,
is always ready to lend a hand — or an ear, nose or eye.

Mad scientist who makes eerily life-like prosthetics, from ears to eyes

A clinical anaplastologist which means she blends art and biology to
create highly-realistic prostheses for missing body parts out of silicon.

Being whole again

Vest is an anaplastologist—one of 44 board-certified clinical professionals in the world—who creates extraordinarily realistic prostheses for injuries that damage not only the body, but the spirit.

McKinney artist doing life-changing prosthetic work

It’s about giving people the ability to feel comfortable leaving
the walls of their house, said anaplastologist Allison Vest.

Anaplastologist Allison Vest restores body parts for patients on TLC series, Body Parts

Allison Vest’s work is remarkable and inspirational, make sure
to have kids watch this series.

Allison Vest: Providing Customized Facial and Somatic Prostheses

Allison Vest dreamed of being a veterinarian as a child, but
herpath led to an unexpected.